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In consideration of the premium paid hereon and the particulars and statements contained in the written proposal, a copy of which attaches hereto, which particulars and statements are warranted by the Insured to be true and are agreed to be incorporated herein, the Underwriters hereby agree to indemnify the insured, named in the schedule, for ALL RISKS OF PHYSICAL LOSS OR DAMAGE FROM AN EXTERNAL CAUSE to lawful cargo in and/or on a truck whilst in the Insured's care, custody or control in the ordinary course of transit, including loading and unloading, within the contiguous states of USA, the district of Columbia and Canada. THIS INSURANCE BEING SUBJECT TO ALL THE PROVISIONS, EXCLUSIONS, DEFINITIONS, TERMS AND CONTAINED IN THE FOLLOWING WORDING.


The liability of the Underwriters for claims arising out of loss or damage to cargo carried in on any one truck as defined herein shall in no event exceed the sum set against item A on the schedule page forming page 1 of this form less the amount of the applicable deductible contained in this policy, but in any event for claims arising out of any one Occurrence Underwriters shall not be liable for more than the sum set against item B on the schedule page forming page 1 of this form, less the amount of the applicable deductible contained in this policy. IT IS A CONDITION OF THIS POLICY THAT THE INSURED WILL NOT CARRY INSURANCE OVER AND ABOVE THE LIMITS PROVIDED IN THIS POLICY.


In consideration of the reduced premium charged, all claims for loss or damage arising out of each and every accident or event shall be adjusted separately, and from the amount of the loss arising out of each and every accident or event when determined, the sum set against C in the schedule page forming page 1 of this form shall be deducted, such amount to be uninsured and at the Insured's own risk. "Loss or damage caused by or resulting from mysterious disappearance, the in infidelity, dishonesty or criminal act of the Insured, his employees, his agents or others to whom the cargo may be entrusted including operators under contract to the Insured whether or not such act or acts occurred during the regular hours of employment."

****The insurance information provided on this page is only a representation of the coverage made available on the policy and all coverage details and specifications are listed on the policy and must be referenced for complete and correct coverage details. If a conflict arises between this page and the issued policy, the policy will govern.

If you need more information about this policy please call A1 Martinez Movers at: (713) 392-3297 or email us.

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Certificate of Registration No: 000598318B Date Issued: 4/20/2005. Having fulfilled the application requirements of the Department of Transportation (TxDOT) relating to the registration of a Type B Households Goods Carrier this Certificate of Registration is hereby granted to: A1 Martinez Movers Texas Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Division (MCD) P.O. Box 12984 Austin, TX 7871111-2984 or call us at 1-800-299-1700 and select options 2,1.

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